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Zalonin- Styling & grooming society
Styling and grooming are necessary to make us more confident and feel positive about ourselves. In Zalonin- styling and grooming society, we will have a community of fashion bloggers, models and enthusiasts to interact among each other and share knowledge. Zalonin will sponsor the society for most of its operations, and it’ll provide budding fashion experts a platform and immense opportunities to expand in this domain.

Society Tasks:
Blogging: Every individual blogger gets 10 points per blog. Find the blog topic list below:
Choose a blog title that you want to write and fill your email id next to it in order to book it
List of Blogs
Selfies In Action: Take a pic while styling/grooming for a part, outing, etc! Be it nail art, dressing up, makeup, tips, etc., every type of pics are welcome. 2 points per pic!
Monthly Meet: Take part in a gig with the sponsor (Zalonin). It might be a photo-shoot, v-log, promotional event, etc.
Increasing Team Size: 5 points to anyone who brings 1 participant to the team.

*Every blog/pic/event that you cover should be submitted to email Id given below.
You can also upload the video/images of the event on Google drive and share It to the below given mail.
**while sending the blog and the pics, make sure to enter the name of your college and your email id in the email that you send.

Monthly winner (Delhi region) gets: 1 Month Gym Membership/ Salon discount worth Rs 985/ Free Makeover
Monthly winners (From Each College) gets : Rs 385 off on a Salon service or on Gym fee/ Online Personal web page or portfolio, Free Web maintenance & SEO/ Free Zalonin Sponsored dresses/ and much more…
Monthly high achievers get : Performance based attractive discounts on salon/gym deals, Promotion on Youtube/Insta/Fb for Free, Feature in Sponsor’s(Zalonin’s) vlogs, Free Professional Photoshoots and much more…
Active Bloggers/Models get : Free promotion/recognition on the official webpage of Zalonin as Fashion Bloggers/Stylists, Fb, Instagam & Youtube

Associate with Zalonin: Get a paid internship now! Contact on the number below to know more…

We wish you a happy and a stylish life!
Team Zalonin
Rishabh Rawat (Delhi Head – Zalonin styling and grooming society)
+91 8860315520

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