VentureSky Student Program

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Highlights :

Start: 29 Dec
End: 18 March

Colleges: 60+
Students: 500+
Educators: 1
Courses: 2

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VentureSky Student Program

Venturesky successfully organised student program in Delhi in the month of December, January, February and March. Students of Delhi university were engaged to take part in various business development activities undertaken for the following startups:

  1. College Media
  2. Maati Bartan
Students had to do market research that included web scraping and result documentaion. The data hence found and documented was organised and prioritized according to startups goals and plans. Selected targets were contacted for business deals and once a successful meeting was concluded, a deal was said to be done.
More than 500 students of the University of Delhi enrolled for this program, out of which 200 were selected. These students from over 60 different colleges participated together to do business development activities pan DU. For extraordinary performance, the following students were certified: