VentureSky Student Program

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Highlights :

Start: 29 Dec
End: 18 March

Colleges: 60+
Students: 500+
Educators: 4
Courses: 5

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VentureSky Student Program

Venturesky successfully organised student program in Delhi in the month of December, January, February and March. Students of Delhi university were engaged to take part in various business development activities undertaken for the following startups:

  1. Zalonin
  2. Edzo
Students were involved in a very interactive environment of learning and implementing skills in real life situations to see live results. Each student was under constant marking system wherein each and every acivity involved and activity undertaken was designated some marks. Marks were regularly updated on out website and students were able to track their progress regularly.
The following courses were taught by the educators:
  1. Blog Writing (Copy Writing)
  2. Social Media Marketing (How to strategize)
  3. Presenting yourself and building your CV

More than 500 students of the University of Delhi enrolled for venturesky student program, out of which 100 were selected. These students from over 60 different colleges participated together to do business development and marketing activities pan DU.

The following activities were undertaken by the students:
  1. Blog Writing (Copy Writing)
  2. Social Media Marketing (Increasing the followers on social platforms)
  3. Research (Helped other startups to conduct research pan DU)
  4. Community Formation (Convinced and pitched the idea of special interest based communities in DU colleges)
For extraordinary performance, 30 students were certified, following is the list of top 11 students: